Tech Concierge San Diego is a full service San Diego IT consulting business specializing in small business, non-profit entities and large families.

You can read more about us on the ABOUT page. In order to reach us, simply select the CONTACT US page.

We have a listing on YELP. I don’t ask my clients to leave comments there. Nevertheless, now and then, they do. Strangely, my clients complain that their comments don’t appear – apparently Yelp thinks they sound too good to be true and their AI determines them to be fake reviews! (I’m not kidding – this has happened multiple times!)

We generally are matched with new clients through referrals, although we do accept public inquiries. We do not list our clients here, as an important element of our business is discretion and confidentiality.


Business/Home Networking with Unifi Router/Switch/Wifi
Security with Unifi Protect (cameras, doorbells, etc)
Home Audio with SONOS (home theater, distributed audio, etc.)
Microsoft 365 setup and administration
GSuite setup and administration
Mapping software/GIS/Database management