What is Tech Concierge San Diego?

Tech Concierge San Diego, also known as TUXORit, is a concierge service for families and small businesses. Our goal is to take the technology you have and make it work for you. While we can fix it as well, our primary goal is to make it work the way you want it to work or better and to make it live up to your expectations.


Homes and businesses buy phones, tablets, Personal Computers, streaming video boxes, and more. Their intention is to be able to do amazing things, to get things done, and to make their lives work better. Often those goals fall short when people don’t have the time or patience to figure out how to make things work best together. Often they turn to their tech-minded friend or their 15 year old nephew to provide free advice. Sometimes they go to the PC Repair guy to fix specific problems they’re having.  But we go beyond that – we get everything to work together and we handle as much or as little of our client’s digital lives as desired.

HOW DO WE SOLVE IT?  Show the Answer

Tech Concierge San Diego looks at everything you’ve got, how you use it, how you WANT to use it, and offers you proactive advice and solutions. Tech Concierge San Diego looks at everything you’ve got and determines how you can make your life better, more productive, and more enjoyable. We set up things for you and we teach you some things.  It’s really that simple. And of course, Tech Concierge San Diego is then there for you when you have problems or decisions to make.

SEE OUR PROCESS  Show Me The Process

Building a profile of your Digital Life, we ask a number of broad questions and go through a rigorous checklist:

    • What devices do you own and what do you run on them?
    • How are you connected and what services are you using?
    • What do you need to get work done and/or live your life?
    • Are you, your children or employees, your data, and your devices secure and protected?
    • What do you need for your family? Photos, help with your kids’ usage, the “cloud”, security, passwords. . .

Notice the questions cross the work and life boundaries to find solutions that fit both.  Business clients have complicated family lives and family clients have complicated business dealings. . . we bridge the two and try to make it seamless for clients.

WHAT DOES Tech Concierge San Diego DO? What can TUXORit do for me?

  • Tech Concierge San Diego is there to fix your computer issues, but there to understand the big picture too!

Tech Concierge San Diego always starts by looking at all your devices and applications to know what you use and how you use it. So when it breaks, we know what to do. And we know how you’ve been handling security, how you keep track of passwords, and more, so we’re ready to help. In many cases, we can simply fix your machine remotely while you watch or grab lunch. Repairs can be inexpensive too because we never charge for time where we’re simply waiting for machines to run a scan or perform other time-intensive tasks. We have other things to do while we wait!

  • Tech Concierge San Diego can help you with projects – moving files, converting files, moving to a cloud service, upgrading to a new device

There are so many things that keep popping up and it’s hard to keep abreast of them all. Tech Concierge San Diego will stay on top of technology for you, offering suggestions from time to time and helping you make sense of new technologies as they emerge. Also, we can help you deal with those situations where someone asks you to set something up, for example when a colleague using Google Drive wants to share files with you. Or when your children need to set up a school-mandated file sharing program on your home computer. Or when you need a new phone and aren’t sure which one or which carrier to use. Tech Concierge San Diego does not sell equipment or earn commissions for recommending products. We remain platform and product neutral, only trying to figure out what works best for you. We know everybody is different and we know there are multiple solutions for most technology questions.

  • Tech Concierge San Diego can answer simple questions – anything, anytime, free if it’s simple enough

We find that allowing clients to ask questions anytime prevents problem situations early, and allows us to be involved so that our clients make good technology decisions. Also, we generally can find answers quickly and we know a lot about technology, including internet providers, cloud services, operating systems, phones, tablets, and wireless carriers. If a question turns into an ongoing or involved discussion, it becomes a billable matter.

  • Tech Concierge San Diego can bring it all together for you.

Technology tends to add layers of complexity to our lives, but it’s designed to simplify our lives if set up properly.  Your calendar should work across all your devices, you should be able to share contacts across devices, you should be able to manage your e-mail on all your devices simultaneously, and you should be able to manage your media and photos across your devices.  There is no single way to accomplish this.  We take a look at what you’re using and work with you to find the best solution to integrate everything with minimal overhead to keep it all working.  There are no cookie cutter solutions when you have your own concierge to find YOUR solution.

LEARN ABOUT OUR FEES  See our simple fee setup here

In a world where we spend so much on technology that is increasingly more powerful and portable, we often fail to take the time we should spend to get the most out of it. Tech Concierge San Diego will come in and help you get all the technology in your life tuned in to your lifestyle and needs in less time than you could ever do it yourself, provided you actually had the time to spend on it. Over time, you’ll find that with all your stuff working perfectly together with your lifestyle and with someone on hand to help you at every turn, the costs to have your own technology concierge are well worth it.

Most services are billed at straight rate of $125/hour:

  • Initial visits to assess your situation and make initial adjustments – typically 4-12 hours
  • Quarterly tune-ups on your machines, often done remotely –  typically fewer than a few hours periodically
  • Planned projects, upgrades, consultations, clean-ups, tutorials
  • Travel time charged as needed at our discretion.

On-demand for repairs and emergencies – subject to overtime rates and travel costs if deemed applicable

Procured equipment and technology – passed through at cost, time billed for research and purchase in some cases.

If we don’t know it and it is something that will benefit all our clients, we won’t learn it on your dime.  But we’ll implement the knowledge we gain when we get to work.  However, specific projects and one-off research would incur the standard hourly rate.

To remain a client, we need to stay involved with you.  This is best covered by the regular quarterly tune-ups that we strongly encourage, to keep everything working well.  We mutually understand that the ongoing relationship benefits both of us.

LEARN ABOUT WHO WE ARE  Where did Tech Concierge San Diego come from?

Tech Concierge San Diego, also known as TUXORit, was started by Tim Lacey in October, 2014 after years of IT consulting for a number of individuals and small businesses in the San Diego area. After earning engineering degrees from Stanford University in 1992 and 1993, he co-founded Immersion Corporation, the leading haptic technology provider in the world today. At Immersion, Tim was in charge of running the business – from finances to IT to facilities to manufacturing to human resources. That diverse hands-on experience with so many facets of the business is what Tech Concierge San Diego is all about – it’s about managing the big picture but also dealing with the little things. Since leaving his company to move to San Diego in 2002, Tim has never lost his technology focus. Starting out by exploring home automation, using his own house as a template, he eventually moved on to managing financial products using quantitative modeling. But Tech Concierge San Diego is formed to maintain his relationship with people and his love of technology. Tim’s goal was to put his experience and knowledge to use for the people around him, people without the tools and time to really make technology live up to its promise for them.  Unlike others who provide technology service and support, Tim believes that support requires not just technical knowledge, but the ability to understand people’s desires and needs and to work with them patiently.  Every client of Tech Concierge San Diego has a single point of contact for all their technology questions and problems.

WHAT ABOUT HOME AUTOMATION  What about home automation installation and support?

Tech Concierge San Diego, also known as TUXORit, has always had roots in home automation and continues to offer home automation installation and support today.  Brands we have installed in the past include JDS (Stargate), Homeseer, Russound, Denon, SONOS, Jandy, Autelis, GE Security (CADDX), Channel Vision, Insteon, Smarthome, Optex, Xantech, Ubiquity, Synology, Logitech, Philips, Tivo, Cisco, Apple, Dell, Roku, GoDaddy, Amcrest, Nest, Ecobee, Alexa, and more. While our focus is primarily on IT systems and supports at this time, we remain committed to supporting previous client installations as well as integrating new devices for our clients.  Many times our client’s IT and AV needs are tightly connected, and it’s best for us to stay involved.


Does Tech Concierge San Diego make house calls?  Yes, we do, and we want to.  We want to understand not just what you use, but where and how you use it.  We want to see what other technology is interrelated, and to discover issues or opportunities you may not even be aware of.

How do you say TUXORit?  TUXOR rhymes with “Buster” and we make it a verb by adding “it” to the end.  “Tux – er  it”

Is it Tech Concierge or TUXORit?  It’s both, but now we primarily use the Tech Concierge San Diego name.

Do you design web sites?  Tech Concierge manages web services for a number of clients but is not a web design firm or SEO expert.  We will connect you with others and manage the relationship as needed.  Rather than be a jack of all trades, we are the helping hand to help you do whatever it is you need.  If there is a service you require that we are not experts in, we will work with experts on your behalf.  We do, however, generally oversee web sites once they are implemented, and we manage domain names and email services for many clients.

Are you licensed and insured?  Yes, for both our protection and for yours.

Can you provide references?  Yes, of course, since most of our business is obtained through referrals.  You may also find us on Yelp where a few clients have left comments regarding our general services.

Who are some of your clients?  Confidentiality is a big part of having a tech concierge, so our clients remain nameless.  But among our clients are a number of local non-profits, a number of small businesses, a few professional medical offices, a few high-profile families, and a wide variety of families and individuals with integrated business efforts.

(email us with any further questions you may have)


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