Code2 Sync for iCloud

Nearly all of my clients use iPhones, and nearly all of my clients use Outlook.

As a result, my clients fail to get the most use out of their calendars. To solve this, I simply install the iCloud control panel and Outlook plug-in on their devices, and then I use a tool called the Code2 Sync for iCloud.

The tool very easily syncs their iCloud calendar with their Outlook calendar, so that clients can start to use both, knowing that appointments and scheduled items will carry over between them.

Suddenly, clients can start to accept meetings in Outlook from e-mail, and then it will appear on their phones!¬† And they can add stuff on their phone while they’re out and about, and it will appear in their Outlook¬†calendar.


The calendar is a great tool, and this lets people get the most out of it!


(Google users – I use GSyncIt for the same result)

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