Acrobat is FREE, always, on the web – you do not need to subscribe

All of my clients are getting tricked into subscribing to Adobe’s Acrobat DC Pro service. . . but there is NO REASON to ever do that.

You can use Acrobat for free on the web.  Really.

I tried this myself. . . it’s very easy. . . you simply go to their Acrobat site, log in, and there is a full menu along the top to edit/rearrange/combine/convert/sign PDFs.  It’s all completely free.  You just need to log in with an Adobe account.

I guess this is how they avoid criticism over their ridiculously expensive desktop apps.

The site is here:

Just remember the menu is along the top – that’s where you find all the features. 

Here’s a page that goes directly to everything you can do, for free:

For further reading, here is an article explaining your options with PDF files: