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Apple’s new Music Service is here!

I am experimenting with Apple’s new Music service.  My family has used Rhapsody, another music streaming service, for years.  Rhapsody, like Spotify and Apple Music, is a service where you pay a monthly fee of about $10 and you can play all of the music in their library.  You can play specific songs and albums and build playlists just for you.  You can even play it from your phones and tablets with or without internet access.  We are experimenting with Apple Music since we have a number of iPhones in our household and we’ve found the program to work very well on Apple products.  I’m happy to discuss this with you, but I won’t have a final opinion on it for a few more months (by late 2015 for sure).  So far, it’s looking like a good alternative to Spotify and Rhapsody, and much better than Pandora for people who like to listen to specific things instead of a radio-like music stream.